Screenprinted onesies

Finally I got round to making the onesies I’ve been promising them (for most of this year). Custom printed to their tastes with golden stars and prehistoric creatures…

Prehistoric CreaturesScreenprinting children's dinosaur drawings

My youngest daughter predictably chose dinosaurs and pterodactyls for her print design. It’s been a theme of choice for a good three years now – manifesting in the form of jumpers, jumpsuits, masks, books and many, many drawings. The drawings above were her design ideas for the onesie featuring her favourites – T.rex, diplodocus and pterodactyls. I allowed myself a little creative interpretation when cutting the stencils, whilst trying to stay true to her vision.

The choice of monochrome printing was partly practical – fewer colours reduces the number of stencils/washings of the screen and partly aesthetic as I figured it would look good against the pink sweatshirt fabric.Screen printed dinosaur onesieThe fabric in question is loopback sweatshirting in maple sugar by Nosh. It has a slightly slubby texture which made it a little trickier to print on – the consequence being a slightly less crisp print in places. That said, by printing the pieces after cutting, but before assembling and printing with a layer of cotton batting beneath the fabric the results were pretty good.Screen printed dinosaur onesieThe pattern was semi self-drafted semi-hacked using the Hatteras Hoodie pattern by Hey June Handmade and Madeit Patterns’ unreleased wiggle jumpsuit as guides. The aim was to do without a centre back seam for comfort, and create a drop crotch style.Screen printed dinosaur onesie

Golden Stars

screen printed star onesieI used the same pattern drafting technique and printing technique for my eldest daughter’s onesie. The printing was much quicker as I was only using a simply design and single colour so only needed to cut a one page stencil.

The screenprinting kit and fabric paints were from Bobbinhood and I have found the printing inks to be better than others I’ve used in the past. They seem to last longer/degrade less with washing and are quite soft to touch (some paints can be a bit ‘crispy’).

This time the brushed back cotton sweatshirting was from Dots n Stripes.

screen printed onesies


6 thoughts on “Screenprinted onesies

    1. Thanks Jacey – Yes they do enjoy it (nearly as much as me!). Sometimes I think it might be a little indulgent but then I’m so pleased that they seem to have a real appreciation of all things having been made rather than just appearing in shops etc.

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