Esme cardigans and Delia Beanies

Monochromatic esme cardigan and delia beanieAs the weather gets colder, I’m continuing with my efforts to sew clothes that will actually coordinate rather than just individual items that might not work together. Filling the long cardigan (or not-so-secret dressing gown) gap are these Esme Cardigans by Named Clothing.

Esme cardigan in wool knitMy first Esme is made in thick woollen knit in a blue/grey print (because almost everything in my wardrobe is blue or grey) bought at Simply Fabrics. I made the size 36-38 omitting the buttons and taking about 6 inches off the length.Esme cardigan in wool knitIt is so warm and perfect for wearing when working at home alone and refusing to put the heating on. Esme cardigan in silmu knitAs the first version has been getting so much wear since I made it a couple of months ago I decided to make another version, this time in black (because black goes with everything) Silmu cotton knit from Nosh Organics.Esme cardigan in silmu knit pocket detailThe fabric has a lovely structure and feels quite stable whilst retaining stretch qualities. As it was not as thick as the wool knit I sized down to a 32-34 and missed off the cuffs at the wrists. Otherwise I made the same changes – omitting the buttons and removing some of the length.Longline cardigan and beanieMonochrome Esme cardigan and delia beanie in silmu knitMonochrome Esme cardigan and delia beanie in silmu knitAnd because it really is getting colder (and because I shrunk my knitted hat so it has been stolen by my youngest) I used the leftover fabric to make a couple of hats using the Delia Beanie pattern also by Named Clothing.Home sewn delia beanieThey are virtually instant to make although I had to make a few adaptions to make up for fabric shortages.

Cardigans with matching hats – too much matchy matchy? Or just enough?

Fabric from Nosh generously gifted


7 thoughts on “Esme cardigans and Delia Beanies

  1. Perfect matching – not too much by any means. Why do we refuse to put the heating on when home alone, but make sure it’s nice and warm the instant anyone else walks through the door……?

    1. Yup I love these boots too – luckily my feet seem to have shrunk a whole size so I can fit into these which are from UK kids shoe company Youngsoles….

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