All that glitters is (not) gold

Daddy and daughter gold jumpersI’ve made a few matchy matchy oufits for my girls and I over the years. Not usually intentionally, I might add, but more as a way of using up leftover fabric. This time I thought it might be time to make some daddy daughter matching outfits, so with that, I hereby announce the end of dull menswear and quite possibly the end of good taste too.

The Mini Briargold foil mini briar

For my daughter I used the Mini Briar pattern by Megan Nielson using gold foil coated cotton sweater knit from Simply Fabrics in Brixton. I used the cropped length sweater pattern in age 5 size adding just over an inch in length.

She paired it up with the circus print cullotes made from fleamarket found curtains I made her this summer.upcycled circus print gathered culottesI also made up a second version of the sweater in space print french terry from The Sweet Mercerie (also used here) for her friend’s birthday. – I’m just hoping no one notices I cut the print upside down!!mini briar in space print french terry

The Finlayson(s)

Men's gold sweatshirtFor the men’s gold jumper I adapted the Finlayson sweater from Thread Theory designs into a classic sweatshirt shape. I made the large and found it to be true to size.Men's gold sweatshirtFor the cuffs, neckline and waist cuff I reversed the fabric in the hope of toning down that gold foil slightly. I’m not sure it worked. It will however make one of the most cheerful christmas jumpers I’ve ever seen.

Beyond that, I’m hoping that when the gold tarnishes a bit (perhaps I should wash it with pumice stones?) it will look (even) better.Finlayson sweater in nosh organicsAnd for when Mr. MadebyToya is looking for something a little less brash I also made the Finlayson up in some green denim college sweatshirting from Nosh.finlayson sweater in nosh organicsAll that glitters in not gold, sometimes its a copper linen jersey decorative facing…Finlayson sweater neckline


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