My new Pfaff (and a Kalle Shirt Dress)

Why the Kalle Shirt Dress? In celebration of now being able to sew buttonholes with an automatic function as opposed to the combination of zigzag stitches, patience (or thinning patience) and curse words that I’ve employed until now of course.

pfaff quilt ambition 2.0Winning last year’s Refashioners competition felt pretty great. As always, there were a wealth of amazing entries showcasing creativity and resourcefulness so it was lovely (and very lucky) to be named the winner. In addition there was an incredible prize package which included this beautiful Quilt Ambition 2.0 machine generously gifted by Pfaff.pfaff quilt ambition 2.0Up until now I have been working on a fairly basic John Lewis machine (which I believe are essentially Janome machines). I’m a big believer in being happy with what you have, and I have duly loved my machine dearly, as it has enabled me to do nearly everything I’ve tried with it. It did however, have it’s limitations, (in particular that lack of a functioning buttonhole stitch!) and as my experience has grown so the limitations had become more noticeable. So, whilst I wasn’t planning on upgrading my machine I was very pleased to be able to.DSC_7320And when it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. After testing out the FIVE different buttonhole options I played around with some of the other functions.DSC_7323I mean it writes letters!!

Like most people who garment sew though, I’m aware that I’m unlikely to get much use out of the 200+ stitch options available, and what really matters is how it handles, how ergonomic it is and how it works through different fabrics. pfaff quilt ambition 2.0

The photo above shows the pull down IDT feed system which I guess is like a built in walking foot. It has been a bit of a revelation for me in that sewing with jersey and delicate fabrics has been sooooooooo much easier. I’ve also tried working with thicker fabrics, and the machine doesn’t seem to skip stitches when going over especially thick areas like belt loops – I’m not sure if this is down to the feed system or just a better quality machine.

I have also been appreciating all the small details that come with a better machine – built in thread snippers, automatic notification when the bobbin thread is running out, a larger work space and other little things that I never knew I was missing.

There are of course things that will take me a bit longer to get used to- my old machine just had a reverse button which had to be held down to back stitch. The new machine has a back stitch as a stitch option or a button that just needs to be pressed once. The only thing I haven’t quite got used to is that the same button also serves as the auto tie off option and haven’t go the hang of selecting the right one at the right time yet.

Kalle shirt dress in atelier brunette terazzo night cotton gauzeTo celebrate how much easier I’m finding my new machine, I had to sew some things, and particularly things with buttonholes, hence this Kalle shirt dress from Closet Case patterns. I paired it with some Atelier Brunette gauze bought from Maud’s Fabric Finds, sewing the size 10 with no alterations.


10 thoughts on “My new Pfaff (and a Kalle Shirt Dress)

  1. I bought that same Pfaff 2 years ago. It was a game changer! It’s a great machine with so many options. I’ve gotten back in to sewing clothes for my grand daughter (and friend’s grandchildren) with no fear of fabric choices or pattern difficulty. Don’t you LOVE the IDT (integrated dual feed) system? It’s like having a walking foot whenever you like. Putting different fabrics together is a snap.
    I don’t work for Pfaff, am not compensated for this, I just love this machine sooooo much that I hope more sewists check out Pfaff when in the market for a new machine.

    1. Oh I truly love it too! My post isn’t as enthusiastic as I am, partly because I’m not capable of interesting writing and partly becuase I don’t have anything to compare the machine against having never tried others. I honestly don’t know how I managed without it though!

  2. I must say that I think you have great taste since I sewed the same thing in the same fabric last summer: !!!! The only difference is that since I don’t have a nice machine that does great buttonholes I deliberately opted to minimise buttonholes by choosing the popover placket option! I am definitely hoping to upgrade to a more buttonhole friendly machine at some point…

    1. Great taste indeed! Yours looks really lovely and is making me appreciate mine more. Pre new machine I may still have made the full placket version but skipped 90% of the buttonholes and just sewn the buttons on through both layers and put in on over my head…

  3. Yay for stress free buttonholes!!! This Kalle shirtdress is fabulous! And isn’t it so great to get something unexpected that turns out to be so useful! This Pfaff machine look so cool though.

  4. I had that machine for two years, and I LOVED it! It was soooo quiet and so smooth. I’ve upgraded to the Pfaff Creative Icon now though so have sold my precious Quilt Ambition 2 to a friend who now loves it almost as much as I did.

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