Battle of the Cocoon Coats


Finally getting round to posting about my Sapporo coat, and joining up with Maria (MyCozyCo) who has also made a Sapporo and Olu ( Needle and Ted) who has made an Style Arc Alegra coat in what is far mutual support/appreciation group than actual battle.

I loved the design lines on the Papercut Patterns Sapporo Coat pattern and once I’d seen Tessa’s version in mustard it moved right to the top of my sewing list. Then, by happy coincidence, when meeting up with sewing buddies at The Great British Sewing Bee we all got the chance to try on our friend Sandesh’s version. This proved really helpful as by the size chart I should have made the S/M size but instead I chose the same size as Sandesh – going with the XXS/XS. For me it is still plenty big enough.Sapporo coat in thick mint wool coatingFor the fabric I chose a nice thick wool at a reduced price from Crescent Trading as it had a slight flaw (barely visible lines running parallel to the selvedge).Sapporo coat in thick mint wool coatingAs the fabric was so thick there was no way I could use the lining method suggested in the pattern – which is to line the sleeves fully with the main fabric. Instead I cut a small 2″ facing for the sleeves and used lining fabric for the rest. This helped reduce the bulk at the sleeve head. That said, this area is still quite bulky, although I have just embraced it as past of the design, after all this is not supposed to be a fitted coat. There is some argument for making a hybrid between the Allegra coat with it’s raglan sleeves and the Sapporo coat with its lovely front seam line with pocket.

Now on to that lining…..

Sapporo coat in thick mint wool coating

I pretty much love it – nice and loud but hidden on the inside so the coat still goes with most other things in my wardrobe. The fabric is cotton picked up from a remnant bin at the Cloth House warehouse shop in Camden.


Now I did say it wasn’t much of a battle, but here’s some fighting talk…if it was a contest of speed I may have won. I think I finished the coat in a day, – it is a straightforward pattern and about as simple as a coat can get with no closures or separate collar pieces. That said, when Olu put my coat on it definitely looked better on her so I’m not sure I’m the real winner here.

Sapporo coat in thick mint woolStill I’m not giving up my coat to Olu (Maria doesn’t need it as she made her own lovely version) or, for that matter to the woman working at the restaurant where we had lunch who was checking it – while it hang in the cloakroom – to find the brand label!Sapporo coat in thick mint wool coating

You can see details of Maria’s Sapporo coat here, and Olu’s Alegra coat here.


6 thoughts on “Battle of the Cocoon Coats

  1. hahah Did she find a label? Love your coat! The colour is amazing. I find it somewhat unusual that sleeves on a coat are meant to be lined with the main fabric.

    1. No labels- just a twill tape hanging hook! Yeah the lining thins isn’t great but the pattern is also supposed to be designed for lighter weight drapey fabrics too so I could seem some cases when it might just work?

  2. Well, you already know I love you coat so much that I want to steal it. My navy coat looks boring in comparison to your minty gorgeousness. My next coat definitely has to be a bit more colourful.
    And yes you absolutely win the battle on speed, they don’t call me Slolu for nothing.

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