The Graphite Trousers and Shorts – Tester round up part 2

Continuing on from my post yesterday I’ll be sharing some of the varied, beautiful versions some of my testers have made while developing The Graphite Trousers and Shorts pattern.

These beautiful photos have me longing for summer and feature some brightly patterned shorts made by Tinne of


…who also made these geometric fox print shorts without the tie.


These classic striped trousers were made by Jessica @Jesskanisse.


If there was a prize for the most different versions Carin of Art Bella Creates would have to win it! As well as these colourful full length trousers adapted to a buckle feature, she also made…


…striped shorts with decorative buttons added to the waistband…


..beautiful animal print shorts. (This is an early version on the shorts pattern with a different cuff)


…and a version of the trousers in knit fabric. I’m also planning a version in knit soon but I will go down a size and thread elastic through the front waistband portion too to help hold the shape.


Continuing with the colourful theme, Ann-Sofie @watmaaktannsofie made these lovely shorts….


…and Jo @pipandjoy made these elasticated cropped trousers worn with my favourite footwear!

Finally, rounding up today’s colourful collection is this cheerful pair of shorts by Nele of Ooya Made.

Thanks to all my patient testers! If you’d like to buy a copy of the pattern it is available here. There is a 10% discount available this week (until Sunday 15th) using the code GRAPHITE10.



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