Valentina’s Galaxy Costume

Valentina's Galaxy_61
Photo Credit Jassy Earl

Anyone who has read more than a couple of posts on this blog before knows I have a bit of a passion for costume making. Until this point my enthusiasm has been directed almost exclusively at my (usually) appreciative children (sometimes they have to curb my enthusiasm as little!)

However, thanks to the endlessly creative Katy Wilson and the team at Frozen Charlotte, I got the chance to make my first costume for theatre in the form of a bright orange dress for one of the lead actors in the show Valentina’s Galaxy.

Valentina’s Galaxy – an intergalactic inspiration for starry-eyed 2-5 year olds and their adults. 

 Inspired by women in Space including Valentina Tereshkova (first woman in Space) and Mae Jemison (first African American woman in Space) Valentina’s Galaxy is a fascinating, funny and moving experience created especially for young audiences.

 Designed by Katy Wilson and Directed by Heather Fulton of Too Many Penguins? fame, this immersive performance will captivate children and adults alike with a combustible concoction of experiments, rocket launches and star gazing. 

 Commissioned by Edinburgh International Science Festival working in partnership with Imaginate and Starcatchers as part of Science in the Spotlight – aiming to bring together the wonder of the theatre and the explosive world of science communication.

As the team is based in Scotland it was also my first time custom making a fitted garment based on measurements alone.

The costume was to have the effect of a 50’s/60’s dress but work as a 2-piece costume to make the character’s transformation into an astronaut on stage easier.

I drafted the fitted top based on the actor’s measurements and made a muslin which was tested for fit before making up the final garment.

The box pleat skirt was made to wear over the top in a wrap around style making it easier to take on and off.

Originally to be worn underneath the skirt popper up so they couldn’t be seen these trousers with pin-tuck details were to have a overalls/spacesuit look.

In the final show the trousers weren’t used as a full space suit was lent to the team by the science museum.

Valentina's Galaxy_5
Photo Credit Jassy Earl
Valentina's Galaxy_15
Photo Credit Jassy Earl

4 thoughts on “Valentina’s Galaxy Costume

    1. Thanks – I love it too – but it didn’t look too great on me when i tried it on so not sure I’ll be making myself an orange dress anytime soon!

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