Screen printed jaguar dress

screenprinted jaguar dressMy youngest requested a dress with jaguars, cheetahs and meerkats on it. We compromised on just jaguars, and after a fair bit of sketching (both of us), finalised a design we were happy with.

screenprinting step by stepTrouble was it was quite a fiddly design so I kept it a quite a large scale, although cutting out the black layer still proved a little time consuming.

The order of printing was the orange layer, followed by white with the black layer on top. As usual I just peeped through the screen to line up the layers so it’s far from perfect although the large scale helped with accuracy. I was worried that printing the black layer on top of the other colours would cause bleeding, which it did, but not so much it bothered me.

IMG_2172I printed the design onto precut fabric pieces to save printing areas I didn’t need and set with an iron afterwards. I used Nosh Organics jersey href=”nofollow” as it’s lovely quality for a base fabric.DSC_0432Next was just the job of sewing it up.screenprinted jaguar dressThe pattern is my screen print tee pattern  (which is nearly ready to share) with a skirt added so it’s pretty volumnous, which I’m hoping will mean it will fit for years to come.screenprinted jaguar dressI used the simple cuffed sleeve as a design as bold as this calls for a simple design.screenprinted jaguar dressHappily, as usual, she loves it, but…..’maybe you can make one with cheetahs and meerkats next?’……

The fabric was kindly gifted by Nosh


10 thoughts on “Screen printed jaguar dress

  1. What a special dress. I hope she appreciates it. Did you keep enough fabric to add a flounce if it gets too short before it gets too tight.

    1. To be honest she definitely gives me a lot of appreciation, and is constantly telling anyone who will listen that her mummy made it for her!

    1. Hey mollie – i’ve made a tshirt pattern which is drafted but no instructions that I used for the bodice then added a simple gathered rectangle for the skirt.

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