Screen printed jaguar dress

screenprinted jaguar dressMy youngest requested a dress with jaguars, cheetahs and meerkats on it. We compromised on just jaguars, and after a fair bit of sketching (both of us), finalised a design we were happy with.

screenprinting step by stepTrouble was it was quite a fiddly design so I kept it a quite a large scale, although cutting out the black layer still proved a little time consuming.

The order of printing was the orange layer, followed by white with the black layer on top. As usual I just peeped through the screen to line up the layers so it’s far from perfect although the large scale helped with accuracy. I was worried that printing the black layer on top of the other colours would cause bleeding, which it did, but not so much it bothered me.

IMG_2172I printed the design onto precut fabric pieces to save printing areas I didn’t need and set with an iron afterwards. I used Nosh Organics jersey href=”nofollow” as it’s lovely quality for a base fabric.DSC_0432Next was just the job of sewing it up.screenprinted jaguar dressThe pattern is my screen print tee pattern  (which is nearly ready to share) with a skirt added so it’s pretty volumnous, which I’m hoping will mean it will fit for years to come.screenprinted jaguar dressI used the simple cuffed sleeve as a design as bold as this calls for a simple design.screenprinted jaguar dressHappily, as usual, she loves it, but…..’maybe you can make one with cheetahs and meerkats next?’……

The fabric was kindly gifted by Nosh


7 thoughts on “Screen printed jaguar dress

  1. What a special dress. I hope she appreciates it. Did you keep enough fabric to add a flounce if it gets too short before it gets too tight.

    1. To be honest she definitely gives me a lot of appreciation, and is constantly telling anyone who will listen that her mummy made it for her!

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