Battle of the stitches: Who’s the copycat?

puff sleeve jumper with stripe leggings

Here’s a comfy, lycra outfit sewn up this winter for the days I don’t have to go to work and want to feel like I’m still wearing pyjamas. I used some lovely Nosh Organics fabrics (sadly no longer selling fabrics online), that I had in my cupboard – for the jumper a slub textured cotton sweatshirt and cotton terry for the leggings.DSC_4346I added a stripes of yellow french terry down the side of the leggings to break up the black a little.

The great thing about making your own leggings is:

  • getting the fit the way you like it (I now only use my own pattern for leggings),
  • being able to use thicker fabric like a good quality french terry to make them warmer and so they don’t have that unfortunate see through effect so many shop bought leggings seem to have.
  • adding colour blocking wherever you like. Honestly I’m not sure I’ll ever stray to far from leggings that are black (or maybe navy blue) but a stripe of colour down the side seemed a fairly safe/wearable way of adding a little colour and interest.

DSC_4343For the jumper I wanted something big enough to reach the hips as that’s pretty much my self imposed rule when wearing leggings.


I was jealous of the jumper I made for my youngest back in October and figured it made sense to have a go at making my own. I used Ensemble Patterns Sunday Everyday Sweater as a base and cut the tunic length with straight hem. I raised the neckline slightly and cut very large rectangles for the sleeves, creating inverted box pleats where the sleeves met the dropped shoulder sleeve and gathering it at the bottom where attaching it to the rib cuff. Honestly I probably should have made the sleeves a touch longer but it worked well enough for a first attempt. I was slightly nervous that the sleeves might prove impractical but it turns out they are totally washing up appropriate as with the cuffs pushed up you get a nice short sleeve ruffle sleeve effect.puff sleeve jumper with stripe leggingsSo that’s my story – I made this outfit because I wanted something super comfy and was jealous of my daughter’s jumper. Olu of Needle and Ted saw my outfit and copied it in her own Kill Bill style.


I don’t mind that at all, copying is the sincerest form of flattery after all. The problem is she’s going to tell you that I’m the copycat. Perhaps a tale of me loving her amazing yellow jumper and how great it looked teamed with a pair of h&m leggings with a yellow strip down the side. She might even tell you I asked to try it on to check whether I’d liked such a voluminous style on. Perhaps, that I really liked it, and the colour, but that yellow didn’t suit me so I made it in black with a pattern I already owned, and that I even copied her leggings so I could be more like her. But I would never do that……


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