Made by Toya is a place to share my passion for making things. An artist/illustrator by trade and a mother of two I fill my spare time (?!) with an endless stream of handmade projects.

A wealth of wonderful craft blogs are an amazing online resource for new techniques and inspiration, and offer the opportunity to learn from other crafters successes and mistakes. This blog is intended to give back to that resource.

Any patterns that I make available on this blog are intended for personal use only. Please let me know using the form below if you make any of the projects as it makes that extra time trying to make my methods intelligible to others worthwhile.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I will make this pattern again. However, I did a twin needle topstitch and the next time I make this, I will topstitch the outside seams before I sew the legs together. I also placed the back body on a fold, adjusting for the seam allownace on the back body detail. Instead of an elastic bottom, I created a 2″ blind stitched hem and turned it up and created a 1 inch cuff. For fun, I added a purchased aplicae It looks very good. I did used the Dungaree buttons, very easy. I also traced a 1/4 seam allowance on the pattern. I used a serger to construct. And, as noted, I did contrast twin needle top stitch. It is adorable!!

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