Battle of the Cocoon Coats


Finally getting round to posting about my Sapporo coat, and joining up with Maria (MyCozyCo) who has also made a Sapporo and Olu ( Needle and Ted) who has made an Style Arc Alegra coat in what is far mutual support/appreciation group than actual battle.

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Nina Blouse Tour

Nina blouses in white dobby cotton

It’s that time of the year where I pack up a little parcel for my nieces’ birthdays and pray it arrives across the atlantic. Last time the rompers I made for them didn’t turn up for over 6 weeks! Fortuitously this time happens to coincide with a tour for Coffee and Threads latest pattern – the Nina Blouse. Continue reading

Christmas gifts 2017

monochrome pyjamas for twins in nosh organics

After calling a gifting truce with most of my family (who luckily all feel the same about an overly consumerist Christmas) I was left with just a few enjoyable gifts to make for my daughters, nephew and nieces. Just as well, as November and December often end up being two of the busiest months of the year workwise and I ended up leaving gift making right to the last minute again (yes, I was still stitching on Christmas Eve).

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All that glitters is (not) gold

Daddy and daughter gold jumpersI’ve made a few matchy matchy oufits for my girls and I over the years. Not usually intentionally, I might add, but more as a way of using up leftover fabric. This time I thought it might be time to make some daddy daughter matching outfits, so with that, I hereby announce the end of dull menswear and quite possibly the end of good taste too. Continue reading