Project Run & Play – Sunshine and Rockets

week1mainSo… this season I’m taking part in Project Run and Play, alongside 5 other makers, many of whose work I’ve admired or been inspired by via their blogs or IG accounts for many years. Hopefully it will prove to be a great celebration of hand crafted children’s wear. Each week, competitor’s (because there is a competition element) respond to a different theme. This week’s theme is ‘Kid Designed’.  Continue reading

The Refashioners 2018: Kid’s Edition

green silk chiffon refashioned dress kidsAs detailed in monday’s post, I’m taking part in The Refashioners again this year, this time as part of the blogger line up. It’s no secret I love the creative challenge provided by the premise and the motivation behind it so like last year I couldn’t resist making a children’s wear version of the challenge as well. Continue reading