The Graphite Trousers and Shorts – Tester round up part 2

Continuing on from my post yesterday I’ll be sharing some of the varied, beautiful versions some of my testers have made while developing The Graphite Trousers and Shorts pattern.

These beautiful photos have me longing for summer and feature some brightly patterned shorts made by Tinne of  naaisgerief.blogspot.comContinue reading


The Graphite Trousers

Striped graphite trousers with pink screenprint teeThis little pattern has had so much use over the years in many different guises, so it seemed like a good one to finally get together as a proper pattern. As usual it took much longer than I’d have expected when I started but after seeing all the wonderful test versions, I’ll be sharing later this week, I fell for the simple but versatile style all over again. Continue reading