My new Pfaff (and a Kalle Shirt Dress)

Why the Kalle Shirt Dress? In celebration of now being able to sew buttonholes with an automatic function as opposed to the combination of zigzag stitches, patience (or thinning patience) and curse words that I’ve employed until now of course. Continue reading


The Long Journey to making smalls


Just over a year ago I decided I’d like to learn to sew my own bras. The above bra was the sort of thing I had in mind plus some foam lined t-shirt bras for everyday wear.

Well I got there in the end but it has taken a lot of mistakes on and off over the last year, some of which I’ll try and share here, just in case anyone else fancies doing the same thing and avoiding some of the same pitfalls. But if you’re not interested in bra making you’d probably be best to look away now… Continue reading

A Raincoat for Spring

dsc_0272Yes Spring! Today it feels like it has arrived. Sunshine and crocuses blossoming in my garden.

The last raincoat I made for myself a couple of years ago turned out to be more showerproof than waterproof. This turns out to be the case with most shop bought raincoats too, and I prefer a raincoat that actually keeps out rain, and lots of it, not just a quick shower.

Continue reading

Inari x3

Inari tee and self drafted box tee

Yes those are matching outfits, again. As far as I’m concerned we won’t ever be wearing them at the same time again, but as my youngest has different ideas there may have to be some strategic hiding of her t-shirt in the wash basket whenever I want to wear mine. Continue reading