Summer Sewing with Hello Heidi

DSC00754Ah, that time of the year when the sun comes out and I realise how much they’ve grown, again.

Luckily I was provided with some extra motivation for summer sewing in the form of some lovely Hello Heidi jersey fabric. (Gifted in return for making something with it!) Continue reading


Project Run & Play – Birthday Dress(up)

party2This week’s theme over on the Project Run & Play Challenge is celebrations around the world which seemed to me like a great excuse to make some party outfits. We celebrated my youngest daughter’s birthday this weekend so that seemed like the perfect (and most practical) choice of celebration. I tend to make a birthday outfit of her choice every year anyway and more often than not she chooses a costume, which I interpret to make as wearable as possible (last year’s was a shark hoodie and mermaid leggings!). This year she requested a hawk dress which I did my best to interpret into something that could have multi-purpose wear but also the flamboyant make-believe fun factor I know she appreciates. I decided to go with a simple dress that could be paired with a cape that serve as wings (or a simple jacket or jumper on other occasions) and chose a colour scheme that drew inspiration from a hawk but was also aesthetically pleasing. Continue reading

The Graphite Trousers

Striped graphite trousers with pink screenprint teeThis little pattern has had so much use over the years in many different guises, so it seemed like a good one to finally get together as a proper pattern. As usual it took much longer than I’d have expected when I started but after seeing all the wonderful test versions, I’ll be sharing later this week, I fell for the simple but versatile style all over again. Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Christmas pyjamas

Harry Potter dressing gown diyNot so much Christmas pyjamas as pyjamas made and gifted at Christmas ( I have yet to find a Christmas novelty print that has won me over!). My eldest daughter got well and truly hooked on the Harry Potter series this year after a generous friend gave her the box set. Much as I love an excuse to make a costume I wanted to make something that would get a bit more wear so decided on a pyjama set with cosy cloak/dressing gown.
Continue reading