Waterfall Raglans all round

dsc_9940The women’s version of the waterfall raglan by Chalk and Notch patterns came up for testing and after making the kid’s version for my youngest last year I was keen to give it a try.

That said, I was also a little nervous about the silhouette having had a not successful  (at all) attempt with a similar shape a couple of years ago. Happily though by choosing fabric with plenty of drape I was pleased with the results.dsc_9928

For my first version I made a size 4  with long sleeves in peach marl wool mix jersey from Ditto Fabrics.dsc_9936

For the second version I used a size 2 and a slightly sheer woven black silk (from Simply Fabrics) with plenty of horizontal stretch for a 3/4 sleeve version. I changed the neckline binding for a bias binding method but (as you can see in the pictures) still struggled to get it to sit flat. I tried re-doing it with more tension in the bias binding which didn’t improve it so I then decided to be happy with it as is.dsc_9988

The jeans in the photos are Ginger Jeans, by Closet Case Patterns, made (but not blogged) a couple of months ago in coated black (but clearly a very different colour black to the silk) denim. dsc_9975The Women’s Waterfall Raglan pattern is on sale (25% off) until Sunday (22nd January).

The other testers made some lovely versions in all different colours, patterns and sizes; you can see some of them here.

dsc_9904My youngest’s shirt has proved such a wardrobe staple that I also decided to make some more of the kid’s version. For my eldest I graded between a 10 in height and a 5 in width and used some amazing jersey with print by Eley Kishimoto which I also bought in Simply Fabrics.dsc_0026.jpgMy youngest, who was with me in the fabric shop at the time picked out an even louder print by the same designers. I made a straight size 4 in the longest length sleeves I could manage with half a metre of fabric.dsc_8948

Which she loves!dsc_0014.jpg

4 thoughts on “Waterfall Raglans all round

  1. It really made me smile seeing you all together in your Waterfall Raglans 🙂

    Your black silk one works really well, my favourite out of them all. But each time I see that crazy, far out fabric on your little one, I like it more and more.

  2. Thank you so much Toya, I love all 4 of your Waterfalls! I just love the pic of you three together and I’d love to get a pic with my girls too 😉 It’s always a pleasure working with you. XO, G

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