Harem pants template

Toddler harem pants - free sewing pattern

Some jazzy pants for S – with plenty of room for climbing and a big cloth nappy. I’ve drawn out the pattern which is sized for 18mths but it’s such a simple shape it would be easy to adjust for other ages. It includes a 6mm seam allowance for an overlocker or a zigzag stitch on a regular machine and is suitable for jersey knits with ribbing for the waistband and ankle cuffs.

Toddler harem pants – free template

I haven’t found time to make the tutorial but it really is a simple pattern and I made it in this order:

1) Sew the front and back pieces together with right sides together (pattern piece 1)

2) Tack in place the pleats on the front piece only (optional)

3) Attach the waistband (there is a tutorial which shows how to do this here – although I didn’t bother folding the material before hemming)

4) Attach the ankle cuffs

As always this pattern is for personal use only, and if you do use it I would love to see pictures of your versions!


30 thoughts on “Harem pants template

  1. Love this!! Thank you so much for the pattern!! I just made these today for my daughter and now am planning to make as pressies for her cousins.

    1. Its a while since a made these but I’m pretty confident you would need half a metre of fabric and about 20cm of ribbing. (Although I often recycle ribbing from old clothes).

  2. Just made 6 pair of the harem pants for my granddaughter. Fortunately, I had a whole drawer full of ribbing but would like to get more because didn’t have one color to match. I live in Cody, Wyoming and went to Billings, Mt. and none of the stores from Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics and Jo Ann carry ribbing. Went on line too but no suggess there either.
    Can anyone suggest where to get ribbing??? Seems like it isn’t made any more which is a shame.

    1. How annoying- I live in the UK so can’t offer much help – though I’m sure that it must still be stocked somewhere. Here I struggle to find a good range of colours particularly with a high percentage of cotton and stretch – sometimes I have to add elastic or a strip of spandex to make it work. I always recycle from old clothes too. When I’m stuck for a particular kind of fabric I am usually able to find it on an etsy store. Perhaps you could try there?

    2. Girlcharlee.com has ribbing. Not sure on the colors, but I just got white as it matches a lot of different fabrics (as would black). Not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but seems like it will work for me. Think I got a yard for $5. They seem to have reasonable prices and super cute knit fabric!!

      I’m going to try this pattern today for my nephew, can’t wait to see how they turn out!!

    3. Im not sure where you live, but i just got some in a roll, today from Spotlight in Western Australia 🙂

    1. Thanks – I bought the fabric in my local shop – Simply fabrics in Brixton – they don’t sell online at the moment and I doubt they’d have any left anyway as it often stocks one offs or stock left over from high street brands. They are very good value though – where are you based? I think I might have a bit left over in my cupboard…

  3. I love your designs Toya!
    I would love to make this for my niece however the pattern will not load? can someone help please!!! 😀

    1. Oh dear – it’s in pdf format – do you have a reader? I have sent a copy of the pdf to your email but if that doesn’t work I could dig around and see if I can find a jpeg version.

  4. Hi Toya, I am a newbie to sewing (started at a sewing night class two weeks ago) but now planning my second project as soon as my bag is finished. I want to make a pants for my son. Is your pattern based on a A4 paper? Do you think it would be too hard for me to do one like these? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

    1. Yes it’s based on A4 paper – so its just important to make sure you have made sure your printer settings aren’t automatically resizing to fit. The project itself is very easy- the only thing that might make it trickier is that sometimes sewing with knits can be a little harder depending on your machine. I’d tend on the side of just going for it (but maybe not with the most expensive fabric straight off) even if it’s not perfect you’ll learn a lot. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Toya. Do you have any pattern that has pockets (even if it’s just fake pockets at the front and at the back)?

      2. Hi Kit – sorry for the delay in reply- i’ve had a busy few work days. The only pattern I have avalibale at the moment with pockets is the dungarees patterns. It isn’t too difficult to add pockets to a design and I’m guessing there would be a fair few tutorials out there. I found one at http://www.danamadeit.com/2008/07/tutorial-kid-pants-with-pockets.html.
        There is a great free pattern for jeans with pockets etc. at http://www.titchythreads.com/patterns/small_fry_skinny_jeans_full, but it’s probably a project for when you’ve got a few more under your belt. In the meantime though you could use the pattern pieces and instructions for the back pockets?

      3. Hi Toya, just finished the first ever hand made pants for my boy! Thanks very much! my boy’s pants.jpg

  5. Thanks a lot for your pattern!!!!! Here in Catalonia ( catalunya) is going to be a very fashion girl!!!!!!

    1. Sorry for the late reply – holiday time! I made these for my average size girl and they were very long at age but still fit by age2 – by 2 1’2 they were too short, so I guess it depends on the size of your child. In terms of width, jersy is very forgiving so if in doubt you could always just measure pattern up against a pair of trousers that you know fit and lengthen a bit if necessary.

    1. It is still available and downloads for me when I click on it. I’d try a different browser. I’m also happy to email it to you if you’d like.

  6. Hi Toya, thanks so much for the free pattern. This is my very first knit project I have ever done and the first clothing item i have made on my new serger. I love it! Can i suggest adding direction lines and also a test inch somewhere? I’ve seen these on other patterns and they were very helpful. The pants I made currently fit my 3 year old (though she is tiny) I’d love to share some pictures, but not sure how to attach them to the comment. I used an inexpensive grey heather to dip my toe in and used the same fabric in place of ribbing on the waist and ankles. I’m ready to jump in with some of my more expensive fabrics now and more complicated paterns! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Sue, Great that you’ve got your first taste of working with knit fabric- hopefully you’ll have many more projects to come. I’ve listed these tutorials as templates rather than patterns as I’m aware they don’t have all the markings that a pattern does but I did them a long time ago on an old computer so would have to start again in order to improve them. I wondered if I should get rid of them altogether as my work and family commitments don’t really give me time to do this atm but decided to leave them up as a free resource for anyone who can cope with just the template layout. Brindille and twig do lovely childrens harem pants if you’d like multi sized ones.

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