The Collage Sweater

My first proper pattern….eeek!

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and finally after some serious effort I’ve managed to get it finished and ready to share.

The pattern is available to buy as a download on my newly set up Etsy shop.

But first here’s some more about it….

The pattern is a longline relaxed fit sweater with a subtle cocoon shape and gently curved hem. I’ve graded it in sizes 2-10 and it comes with two options.

Option AColour block the collage sweater

Option A is the colour block version which is perfect for using up scraps of fabric (or in my case obsessing over finding and then dyeing fabric to the perfect shade of yellow for optimum colour combinations!).Colour block the collage sweaterA group of wonderful sewists helped my test the pattern and I’ll be sharing some of their versions later in the week, but in the meantime, as you can imagine I made a lot of different versions. Some of them are below…

Option B

Option B is the plain version, making the silhouette (or the fabric) the focal point. For me, it was the perfect opportunity for playing around with making my own fabric, which I did by screen printing an arrow design for my youngest.

Screenprinted arrow design on the collage sweaterScreenprinted arrow design on the collage sweater

And for my eldest I applied gold foil (from Handprinted UK) in a brush painted spot design. NB. this was an early version of the sweater where the neck is wider than the final design.

So if you fancy making the sweater yourself, you will find it here.

Later on this week I’ll be putting together a post about grading between sizes and sharing some of the brilliant tester’s versions.


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