Three little bonnets (with tutorial)

winter bonnet in Liberty print These winter bonnets felt like a perfect Kid’s Clothes Week make – partly because each one is a quick project that could be made in one evening and partly as bonnets always conjure up memories of Beatrix Potter and Felix Leigh illustrations which fits in with the storybook theme. I made three so that there was one for S and one each as gifts for her twin friends who turned 2 today.winter bonnetswinter bonnets The bonnet on the left is made from double gauze flannel leftover from making S’ shirt and lined with white plush fabric. The middle bonnet which is reversible is made with grey cotton and a blue floral Liberty print. The final bonnet on the left is made with a navy floral viscose print and again lined with plush. All the bonnets are interlined with fleece from an old blanket. winter bonnet in Liberty print


24 thoughts on “Three little bonnets (with tutorial)

    1. Ha! – for S there’s a magic 10 second acceptance rule, in that once its been on for that long it’s fine for ever. So the first time I put it on (completely nonchalantly of course) I hand her a biscuit at the same time and ta dah! a bonnetted child.

    1. It is definitely on the larger size for a two yr old anyway as mine has a very big head! I imagine you won’t have to increase the size too much, but I’m not very experienced at grading patterns. I would suggest printing out the pattern and then adding another lot of seam allowance to the curved side of the side panel (where it will meet the central panel) I would suggest trying 5mm (or up to 10mm) to start with. Then do the same with both sides on the central panel – on this panel you will also have to add a little length (so it fits with the outside curve of the side pieces). You could measure this or just add too much length (say 2cm) and trim the excess after you’ve sewn. Try this with a bit of scrap fabric first to test the size. Hopefully that would work…

    1. People usually just download the pattern by clicking on the link in the text. It is the highlighted ‘winter bonnet pattern’ link. If for some reason you aren’t able to download it I can email it to you but I will need your email address -you can send this to me privately by filling in the contact form on my about page.I can then send you the pattern.

    1. Sorry – I’ve taken down this pattern since discovering the ties that I used on the bonnet are against EU regulations. I knew there was and issue regarding this as you can’t buy these hats here but I didn’t realize until recently that it applied to home sewing and patterns too.

      1. I live in the US, we’re there are no such regulations on the ties. Would it be possible to email me the pattern? I would love to make one of these for my little one for the coming cold months.
        Thank you!

  1. Hi there
    I’m very interested in this pattern and hoping you could email it to me? I am making it for my 1 year old- will I need to size it down a lot?

    1. Send me a message with your email details through my contact page and I can send you an abridged version of the pattern and tutorial.

  2. I’ve been looking for a pattern like this. Any chance you could send it to me, too? I cobbled a pattern together myself, but I’d love to see yours.

  3. I have been looking for the tutorial to make the Halloween costume but I couldn’t find it. Do you mind adding the link?

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