Floral flannel shirt

floral flannel handmade toddler shirt

A cosy little shirt for S in a soft floral brushed cotton fabric. The fabric was part of my first order from Miss Matatabi. As a rule I try not to spend too much on fabric – so Japanese imports aren’t my usual choice but I really wanted to try sewing with some double gauze fabrics and as far as I know they’re not readily available here. This pretty brushed cotton was on sale and is a perfect choice for the colder months, as although not heavy, its double gauze construction makes it bulkier with lots of room to trap air. This bulkiness does mean that the collar and front plackets of the shirt are quite thick and I had to abandon my plan of making bias binding for the sleeve openings. I improvised with a bit of lemon yellow bias binding that was at the bottom of my cupboard. The fabric is also quite fluid (not sure if that’s the right word) which meant the bottom hem became a little stretched/misshapen, but I’m fairly confident that effect will disappear once I put it through the wash.

handmade toddler shirt detail handmade toddler shirt bias binding placket detail

The pattern is self-drafted and a little on the large side to allow for growing room. I’ve got a skirt/shorts and braces set planned to go with this shirt but it may be a few weeks before I get time to start on those.

Handmade toddler shirt in Japanese floral cotton flannel



8 thoughts on “Floral flannel shirt

  1. How cute!! The amazingness of this shirt is one of the reasons I would like to nominate you to take part in a blog hop, hopping off my blog. Would you like to take part?

      1. Haha that’s exactly what I asked the person who nominated me. Basically I will put up a post soon answering a few questions about myself and my blog, and then point my readers in the direction of two other blogs (one being you!) So you and the other blogger I nominate do the same and it carries on a bit like a chain letter (I was nominated by someone, too). Just answering the few questions and nominating two more blogs to link people up 🙂

      2. Aaaaargh a chain letter! Will a terrible fate befall me if I do something wrong?!
        Seriously though it is nice of you to nominate me and whilst I find the idea of writing a little terrifying I’ll give it a go… not sure who I’ll nominate though.

      3. Haha, no, there’s no pressure to do anything!!
        Put your thinking cap on… You can write as much or as little as you want, just as long as you answer the questions. I’ll hopefully put my post up soon, just waiting for my other nominee to respond – then you can copy the format.

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