Fabric pens and pom-poms

hand drawn toddler sun dress

My second (technically it came first) attempt at May’s Project Run & Play challenge: Summer Chevrons Shirt by The Crafty Cupboard. I adapted the pattern to make a lightweight sundress, by extending the length of the shoulder ruffles and almost doubling the width of, and adding extra length to, the body sections. S had picked out some fluoro pink pom-pom trim at our last trip to the fabric shop so I wanted a simple light coloured pattern to compliment it (tbh. I’m not sure there is anything that truly compliments fluoro pink pom-poms but I’m acting on the whims of a toddler’s taste after all). I had nothing suitable so used some plain white cotton lawn and fabric pens left over from an activity I ran at H’s birthday party last year. I doodled a few designs on paper first, procrastinated over whether drawing over a template for precision or natural variation was best, before going ahead freehand.

fabric pen and hand drawn pattern

After drawing over all the pieces and setting with an iron I assembled the dress following the original tutorial, including button closure at the back, faithfully (bar adding gathers for the skirt section).

As with the other version I made with this pattern, the dress sits a bit too wide across the shoulders, but will probably be a perfect fit in a years time as a smock top.



7 thoughts on “Fabric pens and pom-poms

    1. Thanks!- I was trying to comment on your blog as we seem to be working our way through the same japanese pattern book, but i had trouble with the blogger system…

  1. I am amazed what great effects you are getting with the fabric felt tips Toya. The blue, white and floro pink is such a wonderful combination, and I adore the jutting lower lip of your glamorous model. Great work and inspiration. Thanks.

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