Testing the Kite Fold Tee

kite fold tee by Made it patterns
The kite fold tee is a soon-to-be-released pattern from Madeit Patterns. The design is fun, practical and unisex – all things I like so I jumped at the chance of testing it and made this version in a size 2 for S.

The pattern itself is straightforward enough, but I never find anything about working with knits particularly straightforward. Especially not when working with more than one different kind at once. I was pleasantly surprised, then, that I didn’t come across many problems making the t-shirt up, even the neckline worked out well and big enough for S’s large head. The only problem came when, in a bid to test the pattern properly and follow it to the letter, I got out my long abandoned twin needle to hem the bottom edge and sleeves. As my machine chomped it’s way through my nice new t-shirt the reason I abandoned the twin needle last time became clear (I’ve read just about every tutorial I can find but don’t seem to be able to make it work) and I unpicked, tried to undo the damage done by the chomping and hemmed with my standard slight zigzag stitch method.

10982284_10155415906660697_4435371079370860827_nkite fold tee by Made it patterns

In the end there was one slight nick in the fabric that needed repairing but it is now almost unnoticeable, and I am really happy with the combination of colours. I’m confident I’ll end up making a few more versions as it is a great pattern for using up odds and ends (or recycled pieces – the fluoro pink in this version is from an old t-shirt), but in the meantime I liked S’s t-shirt so much I was inspired to make my own version with some of the leftovers. I used the hemlock tee pattern as a starting point, omitting the sleeves and adding a colour block stripe down the back of the shirt.

striped-back tee


8 thoughts on “Testing the Kite Fold Tee

  1. Such a shame about your double needle disasters. But your kite fold tee is gorgeous. I love the colours. I need some neon in my life too.

    The stripe detail at the back of your one looks fab. Something I would buy if I saw it in the shops.

    That’s it, I’m on the lookout for neon jersey.

    Thank you for testing the kite fold. We are looking forward to releasing our Summer collection.

  2. Ooh I like the idea to use up little bits and pieces. Your grown up version is great. Such a good idea to make what would otherwise be a boring top look a bit more fun 🙂
    And thanks for the tip re twin needles – I won’t be getting one for my knit-eating machine!

  3. Overall outfit brilliant! Tshirt looks great (although it slightly scares me with all the sections); Great trousers and I have to ask about the boots! Please don’t say you made those! I need a pair in my kids lives…

    1. Thanks! The sections didn’t turn out to be that tricky, the trousers were made earlier this year and the boots (I wish I could make them!) are hand me downs from her cousin so probably not still available. They were originally from mothercare.

    1. Sara – Thank you! Your tutorial has succeeded in making me a happy twin needle user – pointing out a little extra catch on the side of my machine that I didn’t know (and the manual made no mention of) and now it works! If you don’t mind I’ll be pointing people in your direction when I write my next triumphant twin needle using post.

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