Dip-dyed Ombre Dress

blue ombre dip dyed dress

The dip-dyed ombre dress I made for S as part of her Tinkerbell ensemble has proven to be a big hit. Her big sister has been eyeing it enviously, so in the interests of keeping sibling rivalry/jealousy to a minimum and because the dip-dying process was good fun I set about making H her own version.

One of the reasons S’s dress suits her so well is that the dusky green colour matches her eyes, so it seemed a natural choice to make H a version in a blue grey colour.dip dyed ombre dress green

I settled on a packet of Dylon hand dye in Jeans blue which I figured would produce the right colour if I reduced the time the fabric spent in the dye. As with the first dress I dyed the fabric (a lightweight cotton lawn) before making the dress to avoid any disasters. To achieve the ombre effect I made the packet of Dylon up as suggested on the packet and then transferred a small amount into another bowl to which I added more water in order to create 2 solutions, one concentrated and one less concentrated. I wet the fabric first and folded it into a manageable width, then I dipped it almost all the way in to the lighter (less concentrated) dye bath leaving just a small amount of the fabric white. Almost immediately I then pulled some more of the fabric out of the bath leaving the remaining section in for another five minutes. At this point I transferred the fabric into the darker (more concentrated) dye bath putting only the bottom third into the dye. I then moved the fabric almost entirely out of the bath leaving only a small section in for a further ten minutes. The fabric was then ready to rinse (it faded quite a lot at this stage), dry and begin cutting.

I used exactly the same pattern as for S’s dress. An adapted version of a tunic from Everyday Clothes for Girls with extra length and width, and the addition of belt loops. A very simple but effective design that is quick and easy to sew – all reasons why I love so many of the patterns in the book.

child's dip dyed blue ombre dress

child's dip dyed blue ombre dress

H, unsurprisingly, was also keen to get her hands on those fairy wings.

DIY fairy costume

While the dye baths were out, I also dip-dyed some white cotton jersey and made a simple vest top for myself, drawing round another vest for the basic shape and using undyed jersey as contrast binding.

DIY dip dyed ombre vest top

15 thoughts on “Dip-dyed Ombre Dress

    1. In my head I was going to have a photo with both of them in their dresses matching their eyes and then I remembered (was fiercely reminded by s) that a nice photo of multiple children is a near impossible feat.

  1. I love the ombre effect! I’ve been meaning to try it but haven’t gotten around to it yet. As much as I love the girls dresses, my favorite is actually the tank you made for yourself 🙂

    1. Thanks – I like it too and have already worn it loads. You know it’s a good sign when you have to take something off to photograph it!

  2. I love the ombre effect, it’s a great way to jazz up otherwise fairly basic pieces. Another thing I must try…. But now I must check out the fairy wings link!

  3. What a lovely effect – so often the ombre is the other way round with the depth of colour at the hem (like your top). By reversing it you have made a rather ethereal dress which does look great. I always love wearing my eye colour, and seeing greens, or hazels or deepest browns on people whose eyes match.

    1. And I thought you didn’t like ombre clothes? I was actually a little dubious about making myself a vest, but because it matches my eyes I now love it.

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